What topics are there in physics paper 1?

In the first article, you will be asked questions on topics 1-4, that is, energy, electricity, particle model of matter and atomic structure. Section B - It's only 30 points - Value of 13% of the final IB physics grade - Everything about the chosen option topic. What does this mean to you? It should come as no surprise that Topic 1 has the least weight in Document 1 (and the Document), because it is more important in Document 3 (it is practically the entire Section A of the Document). Theme 4 (Waves) also ranks high on the list of topics worth paying attention to, especially with the brands associated with it.

In this blog post, I'll discuss the weight of each topic on the IB Physics exams. The graphs below show the average percentage that each IB Physics topic constitutes in relation to the final IB grade. Section B - It's only 20 points - It's worth 11% of the final IB Physics grade - Everything about the chosen option topic.