What Topics are Covered in IB Physics Paper 1?

When it comes to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Physics exam, it is important to understand the topics that will be covered in Paper 1.This paper is divided into two sections, Section A and Section B. Section A is worth 70 points and accounts for 37% of the final IB Physics grade. This section covers topics 1-4, which include energy, electricity, particle model of matter and atomic structure. Section B is worth 30 points and accounts for 13% of the final IB Physics grade.

This section focuses on one chosen option topic. The topics that are available for this section include waves, quantum physics, astrophysics, and medical physics. The following graph shows the average percentage that each IB Physics topic constitutes in relation to the final IB grade:As you can see from the graph, Topic 1 has the least weight in Paper 1 (and the exam overall), as it is more important in Paper 3.Topic 4 (Waves) also ranks high on the list of topics worth paying attention to, especially with the brands associated with it. It is important to note that Section B is only worth 20 points and accounts for 11% of the final IB Physics grade. Therefore, it is essential to focus on all topics covered in Paper 1 in order to maximize your score.