Is IB Physics Difficult? An Expert's Perspective

We regularly teach students taking the IB physics course who have come to us for additional lessons when they end up having difficulties, especially if they didn't like physics in the first place. If you are in the U. S., universities may not see your IB scores during the admissions process. Your score in the Physics class will be more important.

It really depends on the person; some will find it easy and others difficult. But it's very feasible compared to LH. However, it also depends on the teacher; a bad teacher will make it much more difficult for you to score well. But I say take it, because it's interesting and very useful.

How difficult is it to get a 7 in physics from the IB? To answer this question, we must consider several factors.

Maximizing Your IB Physics Internal Assessment (AI) Scores

Although the IB Physics exam can be difficult, internal evaluation is much easier. I started as a physics teacher in 2004, but soon became obsessed with the possibilities of online learning. But I ended up studying physics at a good university in the UK and got one of the best grades in my class, and now I'm close to completing a master's degree in it at a top university.

These scores can be really shocking for some IB Physics students, especially those who have surpassed their GCSE grades and expect a 7 in IB Physics. What I recommend is that you consult your Physics Guide very closely and see what is required of you for AI. IB turned physics into a mess of memorizing facts and spitting out equations instead of having to learn the intricacies of those equations and conceptual material, as I think the AP curriculum does.

Choosing Between HL Music and Physics

From now on I have HL music that meets my HL requirements, but I think it makes my schedule seem a little smooth and my friend has been enthusiastic about physics. I don't know your background, but I'll assume that you've studied physics before and are familiar with some of the subjects such as Newtonian mechanics, thermodynamics and waves. Although this appears on an exam, I suspect that most IB physics students have just memorized how to use the formula.

Advice for Struggling Students

Don't take it if you struggle to understand the concepts and theories of physics (this is the most important part for me because I often confuse with some of the terms and concepts).

I know that children who do Mathematics and Physics SL like to sleep in class and still get 7 (although I think that's probably an exaggeration and I don't recommend it). This is a student who studied hard and succeeded in IB Physics, but who never became competent with the skills involved in the discipline itself.

My Experience With Physics

Personally, I liked physics a lot more than chemistry, and I took SL Chem and scored lower than my HL physics. When I was in pre-IB I had Biology, Chemistry and Physics and I was quite good at all of them, however, I didn't really enjoy some of the classes. I had personal problems because my Physics class was new, without a textbook for the middle of the year, with problematic online tests and with a new teacher in the first year of teaching at the IB.


In conclusion, whether or not IB Physics is difficult depends on several factors such as your background knowledge, your teacher's teaching style, your ability to understand concepts rather than memorize equations, and your internal assessment scores.

It is possible to get a 7 in IB Physics if you study hard enough; however, if you struggle to understand concepts or have difficulty with memorization then it may be best to choose another subject.