How many jobs are there in physics at the IB?

In document 1 there are 30 (in SL) or 40 (in HL) multiple-choice questions. Section B - It's only 30 points - Value of 13% of the final IB physics grade - Everything about the chosen option topic. I started as a physics teacher in 2004, but soon became obsessed with the possibilities of online learning. The graphs below show the average percentage that each IB Physics topic constitutes in relation to the final IB grade.

In this blog post, I'll discuss the weight of each topic on the IB Physics exams. Both IB Physics SL and HL consist of the same basic requirements consisting of the same number of hours. Section B - It's only 20 points - It's worth 11% of the final IB Physics grade - Everything about the chosen option topic. Regardless of what stage you are at in IB Physics, this free IB Physics study starter pack will help you organize your classroom work, improve class test scores and excel in exam revision.

As part of the IB Physics course, you cover additional subjects from the list below (usually you don't choose, but your teacher does). In the case of IB Physics, if they delete Document 3, they eliminate 20% (SL) and 24% (NS) of the evaluation weighting of the final grade.