What Grade is 55 Percent in GCSEs?

When it comes to GCSEs, a score of 55 percent is correlated with a low E or D rating in the current system. This rating is usually attributed to an achievement of 30 to 55 percent in Foundation Tier exams. In the reformed GCSE system, this score would equate to a high D rating, which is on a scale from 9 (highest grade) to 1 (lowest). GCSE exams are typically held in May and June, and examination boards have already published their final summer exam schedules.

The results for English language are similar to those for mathematics, as each student has to study both subjects. Grade limits tell us the number of gross grades a student must achieve to receive a given grade. A consultation was conducted with more than 6,000 respondents, including nearly a quarter of students. The results showed that more than 90 percent of students and parents were in favor of providing advance information about the test approach next summer to support students with their review.

Additionally, 80 percent or more were in agreement with offering topic options in some GCSE subjects.