Is 4 hours of revision a day enough?

Checking for more than four hours a day will also leave you exhausted. Studying for this extreme amount of time will make you feel tired, especially along with your independent studies. The best option for A-Level students is to take adequate time each day to work on their review. In theory, you should check for about two hours every day during the month before the test.

That should give you enough time to perfect your exam technique in time to pass those exams. You can take breaks on weekends if it works for you, but that means you have to check a little more each day. Sugar and caffeine will give you a short-term energy boost. But after a few hours (if not sooner) you will fall in a big way, despite still having a lot of revisions to do.

Barnaby Lenon, former director of Harrow, the prestigious independent boarding school that educated people like Winston Churchill and Benedict Cumberbatch, recommends that GCSE and A-Level students check around seven hours a day during the Easter break.