What is the GCSE Grade 4 Requirement?

The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is a qualification taken by students in the United Kingdom and other countries. It is usually taken at the age of 16, and is a requirement for further education or university. The GCSE grade limits are set by the exam boards and tell us the number of gross grades a student must achieve to receive a given grade. According to the exam boards, grade 4 requires a score of 56 to 66 percent, grade 5 requires 67 to 77 percent, and grade 6 requires 78 to 88 percent.

These ranges may seem narrow and demanding, but they are supported by other tests. To continue studying at school or university, a grade 4 or higher is required on the English and mathematics tests. The consultation gathered more than 6,000 responses from students and parents, with nearly a quarter in favor of giving advance information about the test approach next summer to support students with their review. Additionally, 80 percent or more were in agreement with offering topic options in some GCSE subjects.

GCSE results for the English language are similar to those for mathematics, which could be due to the fact that each student has to study both subjects, while other subjects are chosen by the student. The GCSE exams will be held in May and June as usual, and the examination boards have already published their final summer exam schedules. Previously, GCSE grade limits were released in advance, but now they are only released to students on the day of the results.